When the Bugs Came

This is Joe’s first foray into the world of Children’s Picture books, but not unlike his other written pieces, this also has great rhythm and rhyme.

When the bugs came, is a funny, charming, heart-warming and authentic recall of the events of Lockdown as told my Jacob, Isla and Mum. It has wonderful pace about it, but also, the ability to take you back to these unprecedented times of Isolation, but through the eyes of a child. Coupled with Illustrator Andy Gray’s detailed colourful and chaotic drawings the text weaves its way through the book, like an airborne virus.

The content recalls handwashing by singing happy birthday, clapping for our heroes, home-schooling and the feeling of isolation from this young family. It’s very likely that this will become a picture book reference to those never to be forgotten or hopefully repeated days. And it is hoped that families, organisations and schools will use this to help children remember and understand for years to come.



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