Faith, Hope & Nudity Front Cover

Faith, Hope and Nudity

Joe’s first published book is his Spoken Word Poetry collection ‘Faith, Hope and Nudity’ containing 50 thought provoking, entertaining and rhythm enhancing pieces ranging from the hatred of celery, the plague of Clichés and death of a parent! Yeah, wide ranging, you might say! I just did.

The thread in all Joe’s pieces are his mastering of word, rhyme and rhythm in perfect harmony. Although this is a book, it’s a read out loud book. The only way to appreciate it is to speak it out, to breath every word and utter every phrase, try it, it’s very therapeutic, (not officially as we don’t have the book registered with the World Health Organisation), Yet!

Here are a few examples of Joe’s pieces (there are much longer ones)

Try these for size . . . . . . 

back cover of faith, hope and nudity


I don’t mind,
If you
remind me
that my mind you must
As my mind it tends to wander,
a lost mind will just not do.
So, I’ll mind the gap,
reminded that,
you mind if I’m not mindful
and my mind is blinded
by the world,
and tied to tongue.
So please unfurl,
those narrow minded
and unintended platitudes.
A cleaned up mind
I plan to choose.
Which helps me mind
my P’s and Q’s.